Urban Artwork Expression: Enrichment of the Historic Downtown of Arecibo


Urban Artwork Expression of Arecibo

Arecibo, the downtown that takes advantage in Urban Art or commonly named “Street Art” for enhancing the beauty of their abandoned building and walls. The Urban Art begun in urban settings particularly on downtown areas in the 1970s and 1980s. At the beginning of the 21st century the activities of street artists gaining attention bur it also associated with humans needs to express themselves. The main movement of Urban Art resides on the art expression based on the impact of the message on the notion of repetition or historical context of enduring. The word “Urban” is derived from the Latin word “urbanus”. This Street Art is commonly used to build an identity one print mosaic piece at a time to transform into beauty a singular place in downtown mainly reckless.

The downtown of Arecibo, Puerto Rico adopted the Urban Art into two projects commonly title; “Arecibo es Color” and “Arecibo 500 años”. The mosaics made from the hands of the group of novel artists were placed in several mainly streets in the downtown of the municipality of Arecibo: Victor Rojas Avenue (“La Marginal, Margara”), Jose de Diego Avenue, Gonzalo Marin Street, and Ariosto Cruz Street. These new cultural disclosures has a role of reminding us from the Aracibo histrionic journeys, the Arecibo city history, remembrance of famous singer from Arecibo such as Myrta Silva, the blue marlin fishing as a favorite sport in Arecibo, the historic main places in the municipality of Arecibo, and the society claims to protect the nature, and environment, also human issues.

Turkisa as a brand handmade in Puerto Rico conveying and discovering the inspiration on each design for women. The Turkisa creator concept was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico as an accomplished individual that feels the compromise with the renaissance of her childhood downtown. Mency Marie studied high couture fashion courses with the international recognized Puerto Rican fashion designer, Carlota Alfaro. Also, she took courses in modeling and continues to be part of the modeling academy of the well-known Miss Universe 1985, Deborah Carthy Deu. Both distinguish women’s outlook the inspiration for Mency Marie for the beginning of her new endeavor in the fashion industry in Puerto Rico. The adoption of the Urban Art distributed around the main streets of the histrionic Arecibo provides the starting point and colors for modeling the 2017 Spring-Summer Collection for Turkisa. The mosaics from the downtown of Arecibo enhancement the beauty for each piece design.

Moreover, the children can learn about the Arecibo fifth hundred history by watching each mosaic located on the downtown streets of Arecibo. Turkisa had the strength of optimism and choose to create the momentum for disclose the first fashion show for the 2017 Spring-Summer Collection to be held on Mugs Restaurant at Gonzalo Marin Street number 11 on Sunday, December 18, 2016 at 4:00pm. Particularly, Mugs Restaurant supports the Urban Arts on all the walls of their building and each citizen can enjoy the gourmet food made by the chef from Mugs Restaurant with the sightseen of the Rio Grande de Arecibo River. Puerto Rican families and tourists should not avoid the walk from the Victor Rojas Avenue through all main street of Arecibo downtown urban spaces to enjoy and capture the historic fifth hundred years form of artistic and societal commentaries in art self-expression in a way to articulate these

Alessandro Sicuro

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