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Vietnam International Fashion Week
Spring Summer 2019 with the Puglia collection

Italy’s presence at the Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 increases the abundance of the event’s activities. This year, the Puglia Region has opened the Italian performance. Puglia is a famous land of riches such as cuisine, wine, and fashion, highlights that attract tourists.

The collection of Puglia is represented by five brands: Alessandro Dell’Acqua; Havana & Co; Elata; Latorre and Rossorame.

In the picture, on the left, Salvatore Toma Producer of Havana & Co and Alessandro Dell’Acqua. On the right, Michele D’Ercole, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam


On the left, Dante Brandi Consul General of Italy – at Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Alessandro Dell’Acqua

The drawings are in Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s Spring – Summer 19 collection. seven models to present the brand, we can immediately perceive its youthful but luxurious appearance. At the beginning a dress, after a jacket, then a dress with a short skirt. Finally two models of evening dresses. The structure of the mini collection presented is very logical. No matter what color, black, red, orange, pink or white is used, each dress respects a sober style. The lines are linear and simple and very reasonable.

The long black dress by Nguyen Oanh, Next Next Top Model, is the opening model of the famous Italian show.




The same dynamic way thought for Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s woman is represented in the HAVANA & Co. collection. In fact, her DNA is the representation of people who love to move. The company on this show offers 6 uniforms to be used for different times of the day. If the dress code is less formal at the beginning of the day, the costumes will gradually increase in solemnity during the evening and at night. The last concept, the one for dinner, is undoubtedly the pinnacle of elegance, with a precise and perfect bespoke design. The exquisite cutting lines are always the flagship of the Italian style. No flashy decoration, the standard of the accessories is refined and with simple lines. There is only one motif embroidered with colorful flowers on the jacket, young and delicate.

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