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☛Appeal to the World and to all Governments of the Earth take as soon as the new energy technology called: “E-CAT”


edited by:  Luciano Saporito

appeal to the World and to all Governments of the Earth take as soon as the new energy technology called:


Invented by the Italian engineer Andrea Rossi
cheap energy, inexhaustible and clean
(for the development and the harmonious growth of mankind, for peace, and to save the planet Earth)

l’ Ing. Andrea Rossi accanto ad un prototipo di E-Cat

A new era of prosperity, prosperity, and peace, you can! By adopting the new technology and energy- Cat invented by the Italian engineer Andrea Rossi.

This is a new wonderful source of energy, that has characteristics almost ideal: cheap, inexhaustible, and also clean! L’ invention of the Ing. Andrea Rossi is substantially a form of “Cold Fusion”, LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions), that is, a technology based on LENR.

The physical phenomenon that is at the base of this marvelous energy technology, which is l’ E-Cat, in effect, is nuclear nature, but has little to do with the atomic energy from “Nuclear Fission”, currently used in nuclear power stations; to agree with that nuclear technology “dirty” that, As we all know, has caused years ago the Chernobyl disaster, in Russia, and more recently, even that scary of Fukushima, Japan… (and that is also the basis of the infamous nuclear bombs thermo nuclear … ).

Instead the reactor E-Cat of the Ing Andrea Rossi is a wonderful machine and friend!It is relatively simple. It is of small size, and relatively easy to build, and is relatively inexpensive! In this case we are talking about “cold fusion”, because the phenomenon occurs at temperatures “low”, the order of a few hundred degrees (And not as the classical physics considers phenomena as possible, but only to the millions of degrees of temperature, typically in the interior of the sun, and stars in general … ).


The same Engineer Andrea Rossi declares that: “have not yet been explained all the physical principles that underlie the operation of its E-Cat … “. But it doesn’t matter …To us, for the moment, just that the E-Cat functions, that is safe, and that gives us energy, economic inexhaustible and clean! There will be time later to study and understand more fully the physical phenomenon, perhaps thanks to a new physical energy …

E-Cat: this is a technology for the production of energy (heat, and in a second time also electricity), that certainly could change the world: and a new source of cheap energy, inexhaustible, and also clean! The first “central” technology-based E-Cat 1MWatt design engines will be over in the coming months. You know what is the size of these plants based on technology and-Cat 1MWatt? Well then that of a container! It is in fact 100 mini reactors E-Cat 10Kwatts, that once connected together give 1MWatt (10Kwatts x 100 = 1000kw = 1MWatt). All contained in a container you realize’?!

una centrale termica E-Cat da 1MW

We are talking about systems of dimensions contained, and then also easily achievable, and transportable; of relatively simple technology, a low cost, easily and quickly depreciated. In a second time, but very soon, these units will produce also electricity directly, beginning with the conversion of heat into electrical energy (via turbines or Stirling engines). This is done, I repeat: you may change the world! We will then provide a source of thermal energy, economic, inexhaustible (since nickel and Hydrogen, reaction is based on the operation of the E-Cat, are very abundant on the Earth), and also clean, transformable then into electrical energy!

These devices AND-Cat, thanks to their small size, have another big advantage: you can install almost anywhere. Then the energy will no longer “centralized” in large installations. There will be more in the “hands” of a few, but will be delocalized and relocatable. Not then we are becoming more “other”, from the energy suppliers, and even by a’ elsewhere … Through the E-Cat we can be us ‘producers’ of our energy, at our house, too!

They are already in the design phase also advanced the E-Cat for private use, “home”, by 10Kwatts thermal, and immediately after there will be also the E-Cat, always for private use, which will produce directly electrical energy from the heat. Do you know what will be the size of these mini apparatuses AND-Cat? That of two shoe boxes overlapped! Want to know, for last as great is the core of the reactor, in which occur actually the reactions that exude the warmth? Well, is as large as a’ orange!


We have experienced in recent years in an’ it was very difficult from the point of view of energy. On the one hand the costs become so high of fossil fuels, and also of the electric energy, have influenced very negative influence on the economy as a whole, by sending in crisis its maintenance also its possible development, (especially that of the countries so-called emerging). On the other side then the forecasts are very pessimistic: we are approaching quickly to the condition of exhaustion of fossil fuels (natural gas and petroleum), while increases concomitantly also their application and their consumption. This state of things does not further damage the already delicate and precarious balance of the planet, due to the impressive entries of CO2 in the atmosphere (due to the use of fossil fuels … ).

This situation that is leading to an exponential increase in the cost of conventional energy (derived from fossil fuels) and in the future you will not soon more sustainable, even economically speaking, unless you accept a industrial decline that negatively on production, consumption and on the quality of life. Also the increase in the resulting pollution of the atmosphere will not in the near future more sustainable …

Then we need the energy technology E-Cat immediately, both to bolster the economy and industries on a planetary level, for both block as soon as l’ pollution of the atmosphere and the resulting global warming!

We need the energy technology E-Cat to stop this economic decline in act and also the destruction of the planet (due to global warming). Everything will be possible, having available already tomorrow, cheap energy and clean! Of course you will create in the world, even hundreds of thousands of new jobs that will be needed in the construction, installation, and maintenance of new plants E-Cat, which will gradually replace all power stations existing traditional, for the production of heat and electricity, (nuclear power plants, gas-fired power plants and diesel, etc), and this also will give impetus to the recovery of the economy on a global scale, to the well-being and prosperity of the peoples of the Earth. Now they become clearer the contours of this imminent energy revolution, economic, social and cultural, which is at hand, and transform our lives …

Our lives, at least from the material point of view, should improve. We have heat and electricity cheap. AND poverty will be allowed to escalate.

Governments across the land should not lose any more time. Should engage in the development of this new energy technology E-Cat, giving it the highest priority and providing all the economic resources and logistics necessary to make it to best develop. There is no time to lose: the planet Earth is a risk for the global warming mainly due to the use of fossil fuels! The glaciers of the polar caps are melting at a rate shocking!

This new energy technology “E-Cat” creates the basis for a new, large and harmonious development, economic and social issues, and perhaps even spiritual, for the humanity, and for all peoples and nations of the Earth. And maybe even for the on earth peace …

October 18, 2012


Luciano Saporito