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06 - InfernoWorldwide release of “INFERNO” the new book by Dan Brown. Despite academic criticism it has literally crushed, especially historians of Dante and the Divine Comedy. There are those, like me,  who think differently, because while the books of Professor Langdon are veritable factories of money, they still hide a matrix mystical and esoteric very very intriguing that stimulates the imagination and historical research of these hidden truths or suppositories.


Codes yet, puzzles yet, still suspense. Still the king of yellow try a new job, characteristics rather intriguing, at least from the places of his research, the Florence of the Middle Ages. To make it even more attractive and is intrigued by the subject chosen by the famous North American writer: Dante Alighieri, who with his unique work The Divine Comedy has always aroused many suspicions and theories even mystical esoteric.


The codes, hints, geographical knowledge impossible for the time…

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