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Inspiration by Filippo Matera


Filippo Matera, an outstanding Fashion Designer from Italy. Mr. Matera designs and produces a high-end collection of sportswear that includes sweaters, t-shirts and polo all of which come in distinctive stylish trends and vintage styles for both men and women. I have found that Mr. Matera specialty (or niche) is attire for Golf, Polo and Yacht Clubs.
In the coming months The Naked Web Shop will be launched where customers will be able to order their own customized garments that will be made to measure and come customized with their own name! I am very excited about this possibility. Meanwhile, allow me to share more about Mr. Matera and for all of you to get to know him a little more intimately and his fantastic brand Naked Clothing.
Naked Clothing was founded in a small factory in the city of Andria, which is in the Apulia region in southern Italy. Apulia is also the region where some of the other top designers, such as Giorgio Armani, have come from to produce their own clothing and product lines over some 20 years. There is something about this region in Southern Italy that produces such fantastic talent and creativity, resulting in outstanding high end products that can’t be matched anywhere else. It seems that it is something in their blood and history
Mr. Matera works hard and long in the research and development of his brand and unique style. And not just by creating such a great style, but with a love towards what goes into the chemistry of color but in the actual creation of colors with his own private formulas, mixed with treatments he discovered along the way resulting in giving him many great advantages. Those results being his own custom colors and other colors wanted by the marked at that particular time along with his own private formulas that give the natural cottons used in production the touch and feel of cashmere, even after many washings!! This is truly rare and unique to Mr. Matera and his brand of clothing design that is not shared or used by any other designer.
The Naked Clothing line is becoming more well know and popular within the Fashion Industry. The reputation of Naked clothing brings not only to the Fashion Industry, but to the consumer as well: (1) Naked Clothing products are only available from and are made in Italy;(2) Naked Clothing products are all LIMITED EDITIONS, so it is my recommendation to get which item(s) you desire before they are all gone; (3) Naked Clothing products are only for those who wish to look elegant yet with class and style; and (4) Naked Clothing products are quality items with great pricing and delivered promptly and when promised.
NAKED CLOTHING doesn’t sell or just talk empty words! They deliver on what they say and promise, which is top notch Italian designs. And they fabricate and produce only the best, high quality as promised!
I know that Mr. Matera has a love for the United States of America, and has been fortunate that a close friend of his from childhood (Domenico Vacca) is now the owner of many stores in the USA, has used Mr. Matera’s designs and are under the label of the VACCA brand. This line of clothing can be found in many of Mr. Vacca’s stores in locations such as New York, Miami, Palm Beach and Beverly Hills. The Naked Clothing brand can also be found in the best boutiques in Italy from Aoulia, Di Capua, San Severo, Gemelli Bari, Stefano Boutique Cerignola, New Vertice Bari, Angelini Fasano, Lord Taranto & London, Putignano.
It is my understanding that Mr. Matera will be traveling to the United States in the coming months and he will be warmly welcomed here as well his Naked Clothing brand. He will also be expanding the Naked Clothing line to locations in Monte Carlo, Dubai, Quatar and Moscow. The Naked Clothing brand is worth becoming more familiar with and owning. You won’t go wrong.
Do you believe in having your dreams come true? I do and also believe in this dream of Mr. Matera’s. If you keep believing in your dreams, and they will come to fruition just as Mr. Mater’s has come true.
By believing in a dream you can fly over that illusive rainbow and win in the game of life.

Alessandro Sicuro

© Filippo Matera™

Alessandro Sicuro

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