Giugno 4, 2023



At the Giraffe the first Palio of Siena



At the Giraffe the first Palio of Siena without children (and with metal detector to enter). And a horse does not leave.
Everything happens at the festival dedicated to the Madonna of Provenzano. First bad weather, then bans under 12 years. Finally, the “bay” of the Tartuca, proud and scalpitant, does not part and is excluded among the protests of the contradictionsSIENA – E’ successo di tutto al palio di Siena dedicato alla Madonna di Provenzano. Una contrada, la Tortuca, tra le favorite, costretta a rinunciare alla corsa perché il suo cavallo, Tornasol un baio nero di cinque anni, si è rifiutato di avvicinarsi al canape (la partenza), fiero e spavaldo ha deciso di sfidare la kermesse e i quindicimila spettatori. Un’ora e mezzo di rifiuto, sino a quando si è deciso che Tornasol e il suo fantino Trecciolino, tredici vittorie al Palio e secondo solo al mitico Aceto, non avrebbero potuto partecipare alla “carriera”, non senza le urla di dissenso dei propri contradaioli. Alla fine ha vinto la Giraffa con il fantino Jonatan Bartoletti detto Scompiglio, che in groppa a Sarbana ha messo a segno un tris storico avendo vinto anche gli ultimi due pali.

Square prohibited under 12
Second place was the Eagle who with the horse Renalzos and the jockey Carlo Sanna, called Brigante, came close to succeeding but the decisive curve of San Martino failed to overcome the opponent. It was also the burden of bad weather and fear (though defeated) of terrorism and the first to have limited access numbers. Blinded Piazza del Campo and denied entry under the age of twelve who reluctantly looked at the “career” in their contingent with the maxi screens. Closed in advance, to limit the number of spectators on the square, the access doors. Exceptional measures decided after the events of Turin and the risk of Islamic terrorism.
The security
Extraordinary is also the safety device. Metal detectors, searches, anti-terrorism men on the roofs of Siena and in the most nebulous spots. Everything went to the best of the world, thanks to the proverbial civic sense of the Sienese, and to the excellent organization. The mild temperature then avoided, in spite of the prolonged time, the hot spots that almost always distinguish the kermesse. Uncertainty, on the other hand, to the last, for the time, with serious problems on the eve of some trials (only three out of six) because of rain and tuff spread over the dirt track to be sure. Then the sun came back and the last race, after an hour of waiting and the Tartuca horse’s forfeit, was perfect. Among the jockeys was also the son of Trecciolino, Enrico, engaged in the Pantera, pointing to his first statement with Mississippi, the only horse to have won a race. But the challenge between father and son has been postponed, due to the fierce Limassol that the stake did not want to run.



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