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☛ E-Cat technology 10 questions addressed to Aldo Proia, Director and CEO of Prometeon Ltd.

The stunning new energy technology called “E-Cat”

invented by ‘Italian engineer Andrea Rossi

promises: economic energy, inexhaustible and clean! new jobs, wealth and prosperity for the peoples, and safeguarding the planet Earth

Our know the country and the whole world, to take advantage and exploit this great opportunity?

10 questions addressed to Aldo Proia, Director and CEO of Prometeon Ltd.

licensee company of ‘”E-Cat”‘ s Italy

website: http://www.prometeon.it/

Aldo Proia

Expectations around the world with regard to new energy technology E-Cat (LENR) invented Eng. Andrea Rossi, are very high … you, as a Managing Director and Commercial Director Prometeon SrL The licensee Italian ELP ‘s E-Cat, could you tell us what is the status of’ art of this technology?
In this technology, there are constantly new, but have already achieved very important results. The E-Cat heat at low temperature (up to 120 ° C) are a reality for many months and are already on sale with a guaranteed COP 6. These can be powered by electricity but, in short, there will also a gas powered version. Currently, he is improving the development of the Hot-Cat, or E-Cat high temperature, which will provide at least 600 ° C in output, sufficient for most applications Industrial thermal and also to generate electricity or to be used in systems cogeneration or tri-generation. After that, there can be some more news, but even so the savings for a customer is huge.

The difficulties and obstacles that research in the “Cold Fusion” (LENR) met since 1989 are known to all … Do you think that times have changed, and that there are no interests yet “strong” related old technologies and vested interests that can impede even in the present and near future development and the ‘success of this new energy technology E-Cat?
Over the past 20 years, the world of cold fusion has lived essentially a crisis of credibility due to the fact that the experiment of Fleischmann and Pons 89 was difficult to replicate, even if NASA had failed a few months later but had hidden the public the results. It is now clear that the LENR – or low energy nuclear reactions – even more so that cold fusion is a research area of ​​great interest that, probably, sooner or later will bring a Nobel. Rossi has been responsible for starting the “clearance” of this sector also in the media, it is no coincidence in this research have already thrown some of the largest multinationals. In a globalized world it is difficult to stop a technology so simple, because if you have problems in a country you will be welcomed with open arms in the bordering, not all have our bureaucracy.
This new energy technology, E-Cat, which promises: economic energy, inexhaustible and clean, according to your point of view, that economic and social impact could be in the ‘immediate and, ultimately, in our country?
The impact immediately, but will be great for companies that will point to the first of this technology as a break down of at least 5/6 their energy bills after the payback period, and then become a competitive high if this expense was relevant in their economic budget. On the contrary, for those who will be watching the impact could be negative, since Italy pays the electricity and gas more than any other major European countries. In addition, I expect that in the coming 12 months, with the growing awareness and acceptance of this technology by the general public, economic operators and stakeholders, would see a significant drop in the stock value of some listed companies in the energy sector traditional therefore not invest in these companies.

You’ve already made it possible to order 1MW thermal plant in our country. You have had many requests to date of these plants E-Cat in Italy?
Well, it’s hard to imagine that with such technology there are no concrete demands, although many products are still under research and development. At this early stage, however, more than a mass selling interests us select those who will be our first customers, which must meet certain requirements. Then, once this initial phase that will last at least 6 months, you may start thinking about a massive sale. In the meantime, however, there will be many new features, and what today seems impossible will become more and more realistic, but at the moment I can not say more. The most difficult thing is to have patience, because we all can not wait to pass these months and you get to a first goal.

How long before we see the first 1 MW thermal power plants installed and working in Italy? And these first plants will be imported from the USA by Leonardo Corporation of ‘Mr. Andrea Rossi?
The “see” in the literal sense is something that does not depend on us, but by individual customers, who will decide whether and when to publish the news. So it is likely that there will be plant installed where the public will not be aware of, both in Italy and in other countries. In this sense, it is not possible to say when you see the first plants installed: of course will be delivered during 2013, but otherwise as Prometeon will not disclose information outside without the authorization of the customers. In any case, any requests will not be possible that several months after installation and always with the consent of the customer. With regard to the place of production of the E-Cat, I can not go into details for privacy reasons, although it is true that the sites are at least two possible candidates for the time being.

Been already working on the realization of a production facility, a factory high automation, for the production of E-cat also in Italy at low cost?
Of the manufacturing and related strategies and timing does the Leonardo Corporation, we are only licensed for distribution, so it has to address this question directly Ing. Rossi. Currently they are completing plans for the series production of the E-Cat 1 MW thermal, but I can not inform it precise timing. Our scope of work is already quite large and willingly leave these tasks to who should occupy it for real, even if we follow the developments. However the product is already commercially available in specimens tested and refined in every detail, as are the first and therefore are produced with the highest quality control, absolutely, without penalizing the customer who buys E-Cat Pre series, thanks to Subsequent upgrades that are made subsequently.

Do you think that there is in Italy a land of culture, and political sensitivity, environmental issues and energy, which can help the spread of technology and energy-cat also in our country?
I do not believe that a new technology of this type is affirmed because it is 100% clean or because it helps to fulfill the commitments made by Italy in international fora. I think we will prevail simply because it is disruptive than in the past no one wants to spend good money to buy energy cost increases from year to year. We all dream cheap energy and a system of distributed production, in which a single city or even a single family have their own small cogeneration power plant. Today, this dream can become reality, it is just to figure out which country will take advantage of this opportunity first. Italy and the United States are in pole position to do so, and I do not think the potentially irreversible crisis in which we can afford to be picky to such news.

Have you made a prediction of the new jobs that the E-Cat technology, should be affirmed and spread, it could create in Italy?
Difficult to make a prediction like that, because as you know also what are considered the most talented CEOs often mistaken for its bad weather. Of course, our technology could at least have an indirect impact on the number of jobs, it is clear that if an industry decreased by 5/6 its spending on energy, will have great additional resources which may take new staff and expand by taking advantage of the competition. I believe that this effect is indirect really the most important and what makes us understand the great opportunities that with the E-Cat is open for entrepreneurs and for the country. Few inventions have a revolutionary potential of this magnitude.

Are you in touch with the Italian government that can help promote the technology and E-Cat in Italy, or all the economic effort required, it is only left to private entrepreneurs?
We have contacts with politicians, but do not ask for help or favors to anyone. Of course, in the future it would be nice if the government took direct contacts to evaluate the technology and, once satisfied that the validity and potential, consider promoting it in civil buildings such as public administration, where the savings that would be obtained would enormous, cutting at least 5/6 the energy bill of the state, which is paid by all of us. For the moment, however, we have many requests from individuals to promote the E-Cat, so that will not accept any more and will continue to do so until the time comes we will assume that, since many products still in R & D.

The E-Cat energy technology is new, and the press reports you know that are daily made progress in terms of COP. She believes that it is appropriate to buy now this technology, or would you recommend instead of waiting a few more months?
As Smith himself has said in the recent conference of Pordenone, there are upgrades when changing cartridges. In practice, the customer buys a car that COP 6 contractually guaranteed. If in the meantime are put on the market E-Cat with a higher COP guaranteed, the first exchange cartridges is effected also an upgrade of the system, given that the cartridges contain also the reactor, that is the heart of the apparatus. And since the exchange cartridges is provided for every 6 months, the first buyers are actually benefit from purchasing for first, as if satisfied may make orders over before it saturates the production capacity. It is not difficult to predict, once installed the first ski, ride a purchase.

Dear Aldo Proia thank you for the comprehensive in your answers, in conclusion, I hope that this wonderful energy technology “E-Cat” can establish itself and spread rapidly, making a positive contribution to the economic and social development and to fight poverty in the world. Best wishes!

November 7, 2012

2012 Luciano Saporito


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