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For nearly three millennia, scholars have sifted through the clues left by Isaiah for insights into what we may expect as our future.




gregg-braden-loaOne of the most beautiful books I’ve read in recent years. Gregg Braden a truth-seeker of the most famous and appreciated all over the world. a scientist, a man who comes from physics, mathematics, who have tried to give explanations and answers to a world that seemed to ad’ora just reserved for philosophers and mystics. Isaiah Effect, an explanation acute, as the ancient Essenes and all the wise men of that time, the keepers of the ancient wisdom that was not necessary technology as we know it today. PC technology, CDs, mobile phones.

All that was important was transmitted among humans, and leads it through the quantum and emotional torah[1]connection. Then there was the ancient tecnolgia of prophecy, through which it is included when and where to communicate with potential witnesses in the time of the ancient wisdom and hidden truths, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered 50 years ago in Cumran and Naghammadi, and they’re made right there because they knew through their “view of time” that would have been found them here.

Alessandro Sicuro

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Uno dei più bei libri che ho letto negli ultimi anni. Gregg Braden un cercatore di verità dei più famosi e apprezzati in tutto il mondo. uno scienziato, un uomo che viene dalla fisica, matematica, che hanno cercato di dare spiegazioni e risposte a un mondo che sembrava ad’ora solo riservato ai filosofi e mistici. Effetto Isaia, una spiegazione acuta, come gli antichi Esseni e tutti i saggi di quel tempo, i custodi della saggezza antica che non era necessaria tecnologia come la conosciamo oggi. La tecnologia PC, CD, telefoni cellulari. Tutto ciò che era importante è stata trasmessa tra gli esseri umani, e la conduce attraverso la connessione quantica ed emotivo. Poi ci fu l’antica tecnolgia di profezia, attraverso il quale è incluso quando e dove comunicare con i potenziali testimoni del tempo della antica saggezza e verità nascoste, come i rotoli del Mar Morto, scoperti 50 anni fa in Cumran e Naghammadi, e sono fatti proprio lì perché sapevano che attraverso la loro “visione del tempo” che sarebbero loro stati trovati qui.

Alessandro Sicuro

Isaiah’s Mystery Decoded

“For nearly three millennia, scholars have sifted through the clues left by Isaiah for insights into what we may expect as our future. As cultures have changed, our interpretation of his prophecy has changed as well. Translations made during the time of the Spanish Inquisition, for example, reflected the stringent limits imposed by the Church upon mystical interpretation. Today the language of quantum science offers a new and expanded view of Isaiah’s glimpse into our future.
“Perhaps the mystery of Isaiah’s prophecies was anticipated at the time of their writing. As if inviting the people of a future time to look beyond the obvious, he writes, “For you the revelation of all this has become like the words of a sealed scroll. When it is handed to one who can read, with the request, “Read this,’ he replies, ‘I cannot; it is sealed.’” In this rare passage, one of the few of its kind, Isaiah makes a subtle observation about the attitude of generations to come regarding his visions into time. He knows that the people of his future, those who “can read” his prophecy, have the ability to understand its message. They do not recognize it, however, because the context has never been revealed to them.
“Could Isaiah’s “seal” be our discovery of the fundamental laws of creation, the very nature of time itself? If he was, in fact, offering such insights to a generation of his distant future, how could Isaiah’s vision be understood without the elements of twentieth-century physics? At the same time, what words could he possibly have used in his day to convey such an empowering yet abstract message to future generations? The prophet offers us a clue to this apparent mystery, as he describes how the inhabitants of the earth’s distant future may choose which of his visions they experience. In doing so, Isaiah opens the door to a path that may forever change the attitudes of humankind and, in turn, accomplish nothing less than rewriting the course of human history.”

The Isaiah Effect, pages 117-118, Gregg Braden

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