1. This is a wonderful event trending over the next few days in Florence and should not be missed (especially if you are in or near Florence). where else can one attend such an event, participate with some of the established leaders and get fantastic ideas and suggestions even for spicing up their own cooking regime. With the focus on the kitchen and the plethora of cooking demonstrations and workshops by some of the top chefs interacting with the the public directly during the preparation of the dishes –and with a mouth watering exchange and advice sure to suite any palate.
    I feel that those participating and visiting at this wonderful time are quite fortunate as well to be able to have the opportunity to meet the founder and Chief of the Famous Giallo Zallerano Sonia Peronaci. to be able to learn first hand how her passion for cooking set her on the path to creating her world famous restaurant and the sharing many recipes and video tutorials in her books. Many will also recognize her from her tv program IN THE KITCHED WITH GIALLO ZAFFIERANO (also additing to her visabiliy and popularity).
    It is a wonderful opportunity to pick up ideas on how to improve and hone in on your cooking repituare as well as ways to improve your kitchen and all utensils you will need.. It also good to know that some of the best photographers and food bloggers food writer and food photographer help through their work give voice to thecooking, telling it through shots. (and words) and the passion becomes such wonderful work and began to hold cooking classes for Italians and foreigners.

    The entire theme of the show highlights so many integral part of the cooking trade. I understand that there will be more than 60 exhibitors tempting the visitors with the best Italian and foreign flavors and so much more that there will be something to please everyone. Plus having in another hall the best from other trades such as furniture and clothing, gift ware, which rise to potentially being able to make purchases to take home or even to given as gifts for the true gourmand.

    THank you for an enlightening piece, It would be such a wonderful time to participate if only for one of the days.

    Mi piace


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