Ottobre 4, 2023



Chanel to stage next Métiers d’art show in Château de Chenonceau

Chanel has revealed plans to stage its next Métiers d’art show in historic Château de Chenonceau, the romantic Loire valley castle known as the Château des Dames.


The Métiers d’art show, to be staged on December 1, traditionally marks the end of the annual calendar of runway shows, and is celebrated for its exuberant style and brilliant technical finish.

Chanel first began staging Métiers d’art shows back in 2002, to highlight the unique skills of a rare collection of artisan houses with the group, specialists in embroidery, millenary, pearls, boot-making, feather and other generally specialist skills. At its heart is French savoir-faire has – resources like Maison Michel for hats; Causse Gantier for gloves; boots by Massaro; costume jewelry by Goossens and Lemarié for feathers and flowers.

It has grown to become a truly unique, out of season collection developed by Chanel – into a major fashion statement, which incorporates elements of haute couture and ready-to-wear.

Since its debut almost two decades ago, the house has staged audacious shows in such far flung locations as Rome, Salzburg, Bombay, and New York. Under former artistic director Karl Lagerfeld the Métiers d’art shows toured the planet, making stops in 2009 on the Bund in Shanghai, and in 2012 in Edinburgh’s ruined Linlithgow Castle, the ancient home of the Kings of Scotland.

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