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Often they are looking for a restaurant where you can find those traditional flavors gone now lost. By chance I came across this restaurant in Montevarchi where the quality and refined sophistication combine with DNA typical of the Tuscan tradition. We are welcomed by one of the partners, Daniel, the friendly manager of “Restaurant Daniele and Riccardo.” Just sitting there coming right appetizers, delicious fusion performances where you can find the crostini, carpaccio with apple chips washed down with cheese mousse and vinaigrette. The first: The pappa al pomodoro, the gnudi flavored with gorgonzola. The second: The pork shank formed and finally, the typical tastes of their sweets, among them emerges the molten chocolate cake, paired with a raisin, really special. All colored from red Chianti area, and the sympathy of Daniel and Richard. And to use his phrase battle: “all you can ‘say except we are slow! ”
I would add very good, both for quality and for the search for classic flavors but with a strong innovative. Well done Richard and Daniel! See you soon again to enjoy your inspirations and specialties.
Alessandro Sicuro

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